Announcements–October 2, 2016

Adult Forum – readings and discussion about Anglican Spirituality.

Copies of previous sermons can be found in the Narthex on the shelf.

TODAY is General Outreach Sunday.  These funds are distributed equally between our four outreach ministries; The Gathering Place, People’s City Mission, St. Monica’s Home and the Diocesan Missionary Fund.  Your generous donations totaled $356.25 for the month of August.  At this time, our account is being depleted to keep up with the requests.  Your monetary donations would be most welcome!  Our current largest food pantry needs are for:  SPAM, mixed fruit, individual cold cereals, 16 oz. cooking oil, 15 oz. tomato sauce, pancake mix (large & small), toilet paper, 1# boxes of sugar, individual instant oatmeal, family-size toothpaste & shampoo and travel-size shampoo & conditioner.

Refugee Family –  Paypay and wife Pahpoo.  The children are:  Ayemya (pronounced eh mia) and the little girl is Ehbudohpaw.  The interpreter is Emadar.  We learned Paypay and Pahpoo have been in a refugee camp in Thailand since 1998. There are about 100 families in a camp. Paypay has not been to school and has worked on a farm. Pahpoo has a tenth grade education and has been a nurse. Paypay has family already living in Lincoln. Paypay takes medication for high blood pressure. Pahpoo has a thyroid condition. They don’t speak English, but they have learned the very basics of greetings.  Clothes are needed for the family:  size medium for him, small or extra small (or petite sizes) for her and anything appropriate for a 7 year-old boy and a 3 (or almost 4) year-old girl.

MESSAGE CARDS – If you wish to inform Fr. Jerry of an upcoming surgery, prayer request, item of importance, etc., PLEASE jot that information down on a message card.  These cards are located in the Narthex.  The Ushers can also help you locate the cards.  You can place the card in the offering plate or personally hand them to Fr. Jerry.

We are updating the individuals on the Prayer List.  If you wish a name to remain on the Ill, Recovering, Hospice or Other Needs, please inform the church office.

I wanted to thank you all for making these past three (3) years so enjoyable as Office Manager here at St. Mark’s on the Campus.  I have made many long-lasting friends and your smiling faces made each day fly by!  Please welcome Bill Huenemann.  Bill is originally from Ohio and most recently moved to Lincoln from Minden, NE., where he owned and operated a grocery store.  Bill is married to wife Sherry and they have three grown children and a 2-year old granddaughter, whose name is Scout.  Please stop in and say hi and introduce yourself to Bill.  As you may imagine, one of the hardest things about this job, is remembering who belongs to whom and who does what!  You will still see me and hear me (in the choir) as Gary and I enjoy being ordinary parishioners here at SMOC.                  Gwen Colgrove


St. Mark’s Calendar of Activities

Sun, October 2nd     

8:30 a.m.


Holy Eucharist (Spoken)

GENERAL OUTREACH 9:30 a.m. Sunday School & Adult Forum
  10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist (Choral)
  4:00 p.m. Blessing of the Animals
Tues, October 4th      12:30 p.m. Holy Eucharist – Lady Julian Chapel
  1-4:30 p.m. Tai Chi Classes – Lounge
  5-8:00 p.m. Phone Bank – Lounge
  Wed, October 5th     5:30 p.m.   Choir Rehearsal – Choir Loft
  Thurs, October 6-8th     Annual Council – The Cornhusker in Lincoln
  Sat, October 8th  8:30-Noon  ProRail Meeting – Lounge
      UNL Football (OPEN SATURDAY)
Sun, October 9th       

8:30 a.m.


Holy Eucharist (Spoken)


9:30 a.m.


Sunday School & Adult Forum

10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist (Choral)

Holy Eucharist (Choral)


Soup Sunday

  3-5:00 p.m.  

Alpha Kappa Alpha – Meeting in Lounge