November 18th, 2018 Announcements

MCPHEE PROJECT STARTS THIS WEEK  We are now collecting toys, socks, and underwear for kids from kindergarten age to 5th Grade for our holiday project on behalf of McPhee Elementary School. Collection boxes are at the back of the church and in the lounge.

 BEAUTIFUL BRASS RUBBING COULD BE YOURS!  Have you noticed the beautiful framed brass rubbing hanging in the Lounge? Opal Doerr has donated this gorgeous piece to be raffled off at “Shepherds, Kings, and Christmas Things.” Proceeds of the raffle will benefit our holiday McPhee Project. Tickets will go on sale in December. Many thanks to Opal for this very special gift.

Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service – Sunday, November 18th, 2018, 3:00 p.m. at Congregation Tifereth Israel, 3219 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln

 Advent Calendar Project   As an additional way to mark the season of Advent, we’ll be trying a “Reverse Advent Calendar” this year. Instead of getting a small gift each day of Advent, each family will give a small gift. We will provide decorated donation boxes for families to take home. Each day families can put a small item in the box for our food pantry and/or for Pat Hendricks. Pat is Mother Mary Hendricks’ sister who lives in Mexico Beach, Florida. She was greatly impacted by Hurricane Michael in September.  The church will provide the boxes and a calendar with suggested donations for each day. Every Sunday during Advent, parishioners are invited to bring their donated items to the church and add them to the offering basket. 

Shepherds, Kings, and Christmas Things our Nativity exhibit is rapidly approaching.  We are expecting over forty crèches.  Now we need your help. There are three areas where we need volunteers. 

  • The Merry Makers will provide cookies or other holiday goodies for the receptions.
  • The Heavenly Hosts will greet people at the door, staff the donation, sign in table and answer questions.
  • The Manger Rangers will watch over the crèches to keep them free of camel rustlers, lambnappers and other naughtiness.

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Exhibit Submission Form

I would like to exhibit my:

  • Nativity set
  • Advent Calendar
  • __________________________________________________________________________

I understand the standard display space is 20 inches by 20 inches. This exhibit:

  • Will fit that space
  • Needs less space (about ____________ x ______________)
  • Needs more space (about ___________ x ______________)

I understand that I am responsible for bringing this exhibit to St. Mark’s on the Campus before 4pm December 7th and for taking it home after 5 pm December 9th.

Contact me about the description at this email/phone number: _______________________________

  • I will send a photo.

Signed ___________________________________________________________________________