Sunday School and Youth Formation





At 9:30 a.m. each Sunday during the school year, Christian education is provided by our dedicated staff of educators. Sunday school classes begin at age four, with three classes represented: pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3rd grade to 6th grade, and 7th grade to 12th grade. There is also a non-programmatic nursery during this time for children from birth to age four.

St. Mark’s uses “Seasons of the Spirit” by Logos Press for our curriculum. Each class focuses on age-appropriate material and is lectionary-based, coordinating with the lessons during the church service. The younger students also complete a craft based on the day’s lesson.

Throughout the year, the older youth engage in different service projects to support causes. Past projects have included raising funds for wheelchairs in Africa and selling jars of brownie mix for the Heifer Project.

The parishes within Lincoln have also collaborated to provide a program called Journey to Adulthood, which provides youth with activities and Christian fellowship outside of Sunday school. For more information, please contact Fr. Jerry.


– from the Jr/Sr High Students

+ We thank you, Lord. (Repeat after each item below.)
> For space and the heavenly bodies,
> For the mysteries of the universe to be explored,
> For our existence and being,
> For our ability to think and understand,
> For water and nourishment,
> For our existence and being,
> For communication in all its varied forms,
> For color, dreams, and imagination,
> For our existence and being,
> For diversity and variety of orientation,
> For tears and laughter,
> For our existence and being,
> For all the entertainment options we have,
> For family and friends; present and future,
May we praise you forever with all of our existence and being.