In the Episcopal Church, ministry is a calling that is not limited to clergy; every member of the church strives to find a way to serve God in the parish or the larger community. Some ministries, such as serving on the church’s Vestry, are formal roles that require the assent of the congregation. Others, such as participation in fellowship with other congregants, happen more informally and organically. However we feel God calling us to serve, though, glorifying Him always remains our ultimate purpose.

Please take a moment to explore many of the ministries our parishioners are involved in.

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Pantry Needs


Do you have a need or concern?  Would you like someone to pray for you?

The people of the Diocese of Nebraska will pray for you. Just click on the Prayer Line at the Diocesan website.  These prayer requests are emailed securely to a designated volunteer who prays for those who ask. You can be anonymous or leave your name. Just know that your situation will be in the hearts and minds of people across the diocese who are praying for you as requested.

Would you like to join our network of prayer?

Each prayer request will be sent to you via email. We pray for the request for one week. If this is a ministry that calls to you, join in Nebraska Prays by sending your name and email address to: