In Our Community

Below are some of the activities available within our community. Click on the links below to find the right one for you!

Food Pantry
Gathering Place 


Every year when UNL resumes in August, St. Mark’s on the Campus has a very visible presence during the Big Red Welcome afternoon.  We offer cool drinks, cookies, and information on what St. Mark’s has to offer the youth attending the university.


During Advent, St. Mark’s will once again collect Hats, Underwear, Gloves, and Socks (HUGS). Mittens and scarves are welcome, too. Your warmth – and theirs – will be much appreciated by the people staying at the City Mission. Donation boxes are located near the church entrance and in the lounge. If you have any questions, please contact Peg Sheldrick.


As their Christmas fundraising project this year, the Jr/Sr High Sunday schools students will be making wrapping paper. If Roar readers have any old, unused crayons (including just ends and pieces, any colors), please bring them to SMOC and leave them on top of either of the refrigerators in the kitchen — Opal will collect them. Thanks!


We need some help!!!! The list of volunteers that help with the serving at the Gathering Place has been depleted. The time requirement is very small (if we have enough volunteers). You would work once a quarter, for two hours. We serve the second Tuesday of every month. We arrive at 4:45 and are out of there by 6:30 at the latest. It is soooo easy to do and will require very little planning.  The Gathering Place is located at 15th and “E” Streets, on the northwest corner. Even if you work until 5:00, we could used you when you can get there. If you have any interest in taking part in this ministry, please contact Anne Puls, at 402-483-6860 or email Those of you who presently serve with us, can you think of anyone you could bring with you? Sometimes all we need is one more person and if we introduce another to the Gathering Place and its work, we may have another pool of folks to call on, if need be. Thank you for giving this your consideration. Anne Puls