Meeting Notes

VESTRY NOTES – September 18, 2016

  • Betty Fisher will be moving to York, NE., but hope to continue worshiping at St. Mark’s as weather allows.  Betty will be able to fulfill her Vestry term.
  • The Treasurer’s report shows a healthy financial status with Pledges on track for the year and Expenses lower than budgeted.
  • The Vestry Retreat was a success and Canon Liz Easton did a fine job as facilitator.  Ideas on welcoming new visitors to St. Mark’s will be shared with the Ushers as well as the parish.
  • The Stewardship Kickoff Potluck is scheduled for Sunday, September 25th.  Vestry members are to provide the hamburgers and hot dogs with fun and games following.
  • Lions for St. Mark’s – six individuals have been asked to share why St. Mark’s on the Campus is their spiritual home.  One person will speak on a Sunday during worship service, taking turns for six weeks in a row.
  • Pledge cards & letters will be mailed out shortly with a wrap-up on the Stewardship Campaign scheduled for November 13th.  This is the same day that the Bishop will be visiting SMOC.
  • Members of the Nominating Committee for the new Vestry Class are:  Connie Backus-Yoder, Quinn Mobbs, Betty Fisher and one person from the parish.
  • Interviews have been scheduled with two (2) people for the position of Office Manager.  A decision on a replacement will be made shortly.
  • Annual Diocesan Council is scheduled for October 7 * 8.  A Festival Eucharist is planned at Holy Trinity for Friday Evening.  A combined choir will sing and all are encouraged to attend.
  • Our refugee family will arrive on Friday, September 23rd at 2:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Airport
  • Gwen Colgrove reported on a great contact for future banners.  She has ordered one that will read “St. Mark’s on the Campus Episcopal Church Supports Big Red Football”.  The cost is very reasonable and this will be a great way to promote our Lenten services, Holy Week, Stations of the Cross, etc.
  •  As this was the last Vestry meeting for Gwen as Clerk, she thanked everyone for their support while she was in the Church Office.
  • The next regular Vestry meeting will be held October 16th, 2016.