Meeting Notes

Minutes_- Vestry Meeting  April 15th, 2018

In Attendance: Father Jerry Thompson, Brent Cejda, Pippa Lawson, Juliana Bukoski, Bill Huenemann, Steve Blum, Stan Sipple, Kevin Cole, Kim Thomason, Kenny Thomason, Bette Sperry, Marcelline Hutton, Michael Johnson, and 1 visitor: Larry Reznicek

Opened Meeting at 12:15 PM

Thanksgivings/Concerns/Comments/other:  Various things were shared by members

Prayer:   Father Jerry shared.

Discernment Listening Guidelines:   were read by members

Volunteer Timekeeper:  Kenny Thomason

The Mission Statement:  was read aloud by all

Approve March 2018 Meeting Minutes:   Motion for approval with two corrections, was made by Marcelline Hutton, 2nd by Michael Johnson, voted on and APPROVED unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:   Juliana explained and then the group discussed the way in which funds are moved from the Endowment Funds to the General Accounts.  After the discussion, Brent stated that since this process does not seem to be clear to all and seemingly contradicts itself, he will seek clarification from Mark Music and Bob Kuzelka as to the original intentions and we can address it before the next congregational meeting.   The Financial Report was then moved for approval by Pippa Lawson, seconded by Kenny Thomason, voted on and unanimously Approved. 

Rector’s Report – Father Jerry passed out copies of the ideas gathered from the Invite – Welcome – Connect workshop(copy attached).  There was much discussion of many of the ideas presented.  One of the current Vestry Members shared that their initial experiences at St. Mark’s were anything but “friendly”, which seemed to challenge the prevailing impression of other members and more discussion ensued.  Father Jerry also reported that he has not heard back yet from the National Church on the grant proposal he completed to target our campus ministry effort.  Also that there are already conversations going on in the parish regarding current efforts in this area (Campus Ministry) and our involvement in the Big Red Welcome event on campus.  It was discussed and the Vestry agreed by consensus that we give this discussion over to the Communications Committee for further thought.

Parish Administrator’s Report – Bill reported that he and Roger put together a list of projects and supervised the work of seven UNL Big Event student volunteers on Saturday afternoon April 7th.  He has met with Jim Karas and we are planning to do the exterior painting this summer before any of the wood surfaces are damaged.  We are still waiting on the report from Weathercraft Roofing regarding the leaks in the Main Chapel and the Lounge.  Reported that the Bedient Organ Company will be starting work on our organ the first week of May.

Vestry & Wardens – Cejda/Lawson   Brent shared the Communications Committee, led by “Convener” Mary Hendricks has been gathering information from Steve Blum (Discernment Process results), and Father Jerry.  The Committee members are Mary Hendricks, Bob Kuzelka, Opal Doerr, Peg Sheldrick, Kenny Thomason, Larry Reznicek, Father Jerry (Rector) and Bill Huenemann (Parish Administrator).  They have been tasked to explore and assess how we as a church, communicate both internally and to the wider community.  Pippa reported that she is made a presentation to St. Matthews Episcopal Church this morning about our Refugee Support Activities.  Brent shared that we have collected funds (or pledges of funds) to cover the $7,150 quoted price for the organ repairs that are needed and also shared that enough funds have been pledged to cover the expenses related to honoring and hosting the upcoming retirement of Sidnie White Crawford both from St. Mark’s and at UNL and the plans to celebrate it. Planned is a “Last Lecture” event/celebration/reception for Sunday afternoon April 29th at 4:00 PM. Brent reminded the group that Sidnie’s final Sunday with us at St. Mark’s will be on May 20th, 2018. She will be preaching and presiding that day, and we will have a Pot Luck Lunch following the service. 


Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • Next Vestry Meeting: May 13th, 2018 starting at Noon noting that it will be Mother’s Day (moved a week earlier to accommodate the Pot Luck Lunch on the 20th)

Adjourned at 1:32 PM with the Lord’s Prayer.