Meeting Notes

Minutes_- Vestry Meeting  February 18th, 2018

In Attendance: Father Jerry Thompson, Brent Cejda, Pippa Lawson, Juliana Bukoski, Bill Huenemann, Steve Blum, Stan Sipple, Kim Thomason, Kenny Thomason, Bette Sperry, Marcelline Hutton, Michael Johnson, Mark Musick and 1 visitor: Martha Davies

Opened Meeting at 12:15 PM

Thanksgivings/Concerns/Comments/other:  Various things were shared by members

Prayer:   By Father Jerry

Discernment Listening Guidelines:   were read by members

Volunteer Timekeeper:  Kenny Thomason

The Mission Statement was read aloud by all

Approve February 2018 Meeting Minutes:   Motion for approval made by Mark Musick, 2nd by Marcelline Hutton, voted on and APPROVED unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:   Juliana shared highlights of the and answered the questions raised on the Financial Report for January 2018.  It was then moved for approval by Mark Musick, seconded by Pippa Lawson, voted on and unanimously Approved.  The February 2018 Financial Report was then reviewed.  Motion to approve was made by Mark Musick, seconded by Steve Blum, voted and unanimously Approved.

Columbarium Project – Visitor to the meeting Martha Davies shared that the contract for purchase is nearly complete (one review left to come back) she is finalizing the proposed costs of the spaces.  She has purchased 40 brass plates to be used for the 35 spaces as they are purchased and praised Jo Darlington of St. Matthews for her assistance and shared that their (St. Matthews) columbarium is nearly full in the ten years since it was installed. It is hoped that everything will be ready by April.  Mark Musick thanked Martha for her work in “Rolling the ball”.

Rector’s Report – Father Jerry shared that he, Kim Thomason, Brent Cejda and Martha Davies attended the Invite, Welcome, Connect workshop and he will have notes prepared to shar at the next meeting.  He also reported that he is working on a grant proposal to target our campus ministry effort and “walked” everyone through our schedule of services during Holy Week.

Parish Administrator’s Report – Bill reported that the Main Chapel’s Red door “sagging” problem had been repaired and is working fine now.  Shared information regarding our Website troubles, he was signed up for a webinar about Communications being presented by the Diocese of Colorado, and that he is working on redoing the job description for the position of Sexton, and that he and Roger are putting together a list of projects for the UNL Big Event student volunteers to work on for us.


Vestry & Wardens – Cejda/Lawson   Brent shared; that we are moving $4768 (amount is calculated per the formula established) this year from the Endowment to the Capital expenditures account; Mark Musick presented information on the remodeling plans for the kitchen.  Painting the walls, ceiling, and the cabinet fixtures, replacing the light fixtures estimating total expenses of @ $1,000.00.  Approval of the plan was moved by Kim Thomason, seconded by Steve Blum, voted and unanimously Approved.  Brent then presented a handout about the Communications Committee that is being formed to explore and assess how we as a church, communicate both internally and to the wider community;   Pippa Lawson presented an idea for a banner that she would like to have made and put up in front of the church.  She has talked to Gwen Colgrove about the program we have for making the banners (?), some additional investigation will be done;  Reported that she is making a presentation to St. Matthews Episcopal Church on April 15th, 2018 about our Refugee Support Activities;  gave the group an update on upcoming planned activities of our Refugee Family.  Brent shared an update of the organ needs aftrer conferring with Jessica FreemanBrent shared an update to the upcoming retirement of Sidnie White Crawford both from St. Mark’s and at UNL and the plans to celebrate it. There is a “Last Lecture” event/celebration/reception being planned for Sunday afternoon April 29th at 4:00 PM.  Sidnie’s final Sunday with us at St. Mark’s will be on May 20th, 2018. She will be preaching and presiding that day, and we will have a Pot Luck Lunch following the service.  Pippa reported on the Retreat held here at St Marks on March 10th by Brother James on Contemplative Prayer, stating that is was a very rich experience and she loved the session.  There was discussion regarding the use of real candles during the Great Vigil of Easter Service.  It was decided to order battery powered candles for the choir to use and see how that works out this year.


Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • Next Vestry Meeting: April 15th, 2018

Adjourned at 1:42PM with the Lord’s Prayer.