SPACE and College B.S. (Bible Study).  EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING!!

SPACE begins at 7pm. If you’ve never gone, you can expect to hear innovative music, smell incense, and have plenty of quiet time to reflect.

Following SPACE, at around 8:15, we have our informal discussion group with college aged students. It is an engaging and often hilarious group of people. If you know of any students who would be interested, please let them know about both of these events.


When things get busy, it’s hard to find time to be quiet and listen for the “still small voice” of God speaking in our lives. SPACE is a new kind of worship for students, a meditative service in the tradition of the early church, but brought into the 21st Century. In SPACE, we find time to sit in silence, to pray and meditate in a dark church lit only by candlelight, to experience improvised music and art that deepens the worship experience.  You are invited to take a special hour in your week, to reconnect with yourself and God. So come check out our new student-focused contemplative liturgy on Wednesday nights at 7pm. You will also find more information in this month’s Lion’s Roar. Our FACEBOOK PAGE even shows parts of many of the services!