1) What this ministry is…

The vestry is the decision-making body of St. Mark’s. It is made up of nine members, serving staggered three-year terms, plus the wardens, and one to three students appointed annually by the rector. First year vestry members and wardens are chosen by election at the January annual parish meeting.

2) Are meetings held? How much time is involved?

The vestry meets monthly eleven months of the year, with the exception of spring and fall retreats, which are held on Saturday. Vestry meetings usually last an hour or two; retreats typically last at least half a day. Vestry service may entail committee work, and vestry members alternate as greeters for the 10:30 Sunday service.

3) Are any special talents or qualifications needed?

In order to stand for election to the vestry, individuals must be enrolled at St. Mark’s, worship here, and support the work of the parish.

4) How does someone get involved?

A nominating committee from the vestry puts forth a slate of first year vestry members, as well as wardens, at the annual meeting each year. St. Mark’s traditionally seeks to involve as many qualified people as possible in vestry service. If you are interested, visit with any vestry member or one of the wardens.

5) Who is the contact person (or persons)?

Contact either warden or the Rector

6) Current Vestry

Senior Warden: Opal Doerr
Junior Warden: Martha Davies
Treasurer: Juliana Bukoski
Assistant Treasurer: Doug Durham
Clerk: Bill Huenemann

Class of 2017 (thru Jan. 2017)

Connie Backus-Yoder
Betty Fisher
Quinn Mobbs

Class of 2018 (thru Jan. 2018)

Jeanine Jewell
Larry Reznicek
Lucy Webster

Class of 2019 (thru Jan 2019)

Steve Blum
Brent Cejda
Stan Sipple